How To Take Care Of Your Feet

As the main locomotive part of our body our feet tend to go through a lot day by day. The each step we take is made possible by the hard works of our bones, muscles and ligaments in our legs and feet. But unfortunately not many of us think to take care of our feet using the proper manner until its either summer time and we are in the hunt for sandals to wear in the hot weather or till a painful complication arises in the foot region. Healthy foot care is not all about appearance but the health in our feet is also an indicator of our all-round health. Accordingly shown below are some essential tips on how to take care of your foot in the simplest manner.

Wear Fitting Shoes

In the fashion world we often hear the term that if you aren’t feeling it you aren’t doing it right. And this term is widely used in the world of shoes. With the fashion industry getting bolder and bolder with their new and innovative designs. With an ample amount of shoes designed in various manners. Where people are enchanted to where them no matter how uncomfortable they may be. But heed in mind that a momentarily look of glamor could be resulted in a lifetime of pain. If you consult a foot doctor one of the main advices he will give you is to wear shoes that fit you. As unfitting shoes could result in distort shaped toes, blisters, or even worsen existing foot conditions. Try not to wear the same shoe every day. So that it gives your shoes time to air out and your feet to be more comfortable thus preventing infections and foot odor.

Wash Your Feet

Foot hygiene is essential for proper foot care. If you fail to take proper hygienic care for your foot it will result in disastrous outcomes. Namely harmful infections that has the ability to later on grow into harmful medical conditions. Washing your feet daily doesn’t essentially mean that getting your feet wet in the shower. You need to wash your feet separately, with soap and dry them thoroughly to prevent bacterial and fungal infections along bad odor. Take your time to wash your toes and examine your feet for abnormalities. If you do spot any differences don’t hesitate to meet a doctor especially if you are in need for an ingrown toenail removal Frankston and such. Daily foot care allows you to have healthy feet with lot less complications.

Wear Slippers in Public Places

It’s no secret that public places carries all kinds of germs so its best that you wear your own pair of slippers if you are going engage in an activity in a certain public area such as a swimming pool, gym, locker room showers etc. by going into such places barefoot vastly increases your chances of getting harmful fungal and bacterial infections. Pay a keen attention to foot care in spas and salons as well with hundreds of people in lines for spas and saloons you need to make sure that the equipment they use for your care are thoroughly cleaned and cleansed.