The History Of Tattoos

Tattoos are an interesting concept. It might be an addiction for some while others will consider it a nuisance. Some people put a lot of thought into their tattoos while there are many who get tattoos based on spontaneous decisions. Many people do not know that tattooing was introduced more than five thousand years ago. In early days tattooing was based on customs and culture. Here are some interesting facts about the history of tattoos.

The Beginning

It is evident that body art ultimately became tattoos from the ancient times. Especially in countries like Indonesia where different tribes marked themselves in paint made out of crushed leaves and flowers. The art of tattooing differs from culture to culture and country to country. Medical tattooing was practiced in Egypt while the ancient Chinese found the act of tattooing brutal and barbaric. In some countries and cultures, tattooing was done on criminals for identification purposes. If you analyze closely, it is evident that most tattooing was done for identification purpose at the initial stage of its introduction. Some cultures required their tribe members to tattoo themselves based on the industry they worked in. Some tattoos were done as permanent clothing in certain cultures. Even if the objective was different, tattooing became popular all over the world centuries ago.

The evidence

Nothing can be proved without evidence. There could be stories and myths, but many require physical evidence to believe in certain things. There is a lot of evidence of ancient tattooing found all over the world. One main country is Egypt. There are permanent marks which are assumed to be tattoos are found on the bodies of mummies. Some of the tattoos are found in fingers and some on chests and other areas. It is notable that most tattoos were found on female bodies which proves that tattooing was excessively done by ancient Egyptian women. Not just in Egypt, proof was found in cemeteries and grave yards in Japan and China. There are so many archeological proof for ancient tattooing. However, there is not much of evidence that cosmetic tattoo removal service was done in the past.

Initial Procedure

Tattooing is not a pleasant experience. A needle being drilled on to your skin is painful. With the development of technology, people find tattoos still extremely painful. Therefore, it is obvious that the ancient procedures were much more painful and had several side effects. People who lived five thousand years ago would not have thought about how does safe and effective tattoo removal work or whether it could be done. As mentioned earlier, most tattooing was done as a part of customs and culture and left no requirement for removal.
The history of tattooing is an interesting subject to research on and archeological sites and books will help you gain more knowledge on this subject.