Benefits Of Myotherapy

We all know that a good massaging session for our muscles can make us feel refreshed and stress free. But did you know that a massaging session can also help you become a more energetic, productive and focused person? Following are some benefits of Myotherapy which perhaps you don’t hold into account:

  • Improves muscular mobility-Massage techniques and dry needling go well together in a balance to relief the stiff muscles and deactivate the source areas for the pain. The exercises and stretches prescribed to you can give you relief by lengthening your stiff muscle tissues. It benefits you by expanding your blood vessels, thus helping in a better transmission of nutrients and other essential stuff to the muscle tissues. A Myotherapy works at the source area of the pain and stiffness for reducing it totally.
  • Relieves tension-In researches, it is proved that massages reduce bad stress inducing hormones, like cortisol, epinephrine, adrenaline etc., and increase the secretion of the feel-good hormones, like endorphines, dopamine and serotonin. Massages are shown to reduce cortisol levels by about 31%, increase serotonin levels by 28% and dopamine levels by about 21% on an average. It is also noticed by researchers that patients of hypertension who took a regular session got great results of it as compared to the patients who took hours of sleep and rest. In fact, you can also avail this service in a headache clinic in Brisbane that offers alternative treatment options for headache relief.
  • Rectifies posture-Myotherapy is given to a person to reduce pain in the body and give relief to the problem areas. The areas in one’s body which are highly prone to pain and stiffness is the neck and shoulders; it happens when someone continuously sits at a place for a long time or have to work constantly on a computer. The lower back is also highly affected with cramps and tightening due to continuous sitting and no movement of the body. A good Myotherapy reduces this by lengthening of the muscles, reducing the stiffness in the body, ultimately resulting in a good posture.
  • Support to exercise practicing-Irrespective of you as a gym goer, fitness freak or any kind of outdoor game player, a Myotherapy can help you in practicing your exercise. The sudden injury during an exercise can be cured thoroughly by a Myotherapy treatment.
  • Helps gaining a sound sleep-A Myotherapy can cure patients having sleepless nights. Generally, loss of sleep happens due to headaches and tension in their heads. A massaging session is what they need at that time to get a nice sound sleep.
  • Improves immunity-Studies and researches show that deep massages produce a lot of biological effects on the immunity system. It reduces the secretion of stress hormones in our body, thus resulting in a better immunity system.