How Can We Measure Blood Pressure?

Most people, in the earlier days used to visit doctors so that they could have their blood pressure calculated or measured, but soon enough these blood pressure machines were available in the market for the people to buy and keep at their homes so that they could have their blood pressure checked whenever they felt like it. People could have the facility of not having to see a doctor every time they felt there was something wrong related to their blood pressure. There is a specific way in which people need to have their blood pressure measured. It is briefly explained in the next paragraphs, down below.

First of all, for an accurate reading of the blood pressure checker, one needs to be not stressed, or anxious for that matter. You need to sit on a chair upright with your back straight and your feet to be flat on the floor. Then rest your arm on the table with it being relaxed at that moment. You should not have your fist clenched when you are getting your blood pressure measured in the first place, it is a misconception that you have to clench your fist.

Place the cuff on the upper arm and tighten it over your arm. You should be able to place two fingers underneath it and so it should not be too tight. When you have your blood pressure calculated, you need to relax and stop talking for that time particularly. Then you have to press the button that says ‘on’, and after that you have to press the start button. When you do that, you would see that the cuff starts to inflate fast, it might be a little uncomfortable at start but soon the cuff would start to deflate itself, although if you feel a bit too uncomfortable you can always stop the machine with the help of a button that says ‘off’ as well.

After you have had the reading, you can note it down in some notebook for future references as well, or maybe the kind of machine you have, has the printer, that would print out the readings for you to have them pasted in the notebook so that you remember what your blood pressure readings were a while ago. It is prescribed by doctors all over the world, that after you have taken the readings and a few minutes have passed, you should take the blood pressure again to make sure that the readings were genuine and accurate at the same time as well then. If your blood pressure is high or may be too low, you should go and see a doctor immediately.