Maintenance Tips For Sachet Packing Machine

Maintaining the machine

Sachet packing machine is a crucial part of any manufacturing line that involves packing of material. This machine, like many other machines, requires special care for its maintenance as it controls a key function of the manufacturing line and you cannot afford it to stop working. Moreover, the device also needs regular maintenance in order to perform with the intended efficiency. The sachet packing machine is expensive and if the maintenance activities are delayed or not performed in the appointed intervals, this could lead to a major damage of any component which can be very costly to repair. Damage to the machine or any of its component also shortens the life of the machine, which is another reason why regular maintenance is so necessary. The time required for the maintenance activities varies from task to task. All maintenance actions require experts and professionals so maintaining a sachet packing machine is not everyone’s job. However, it is your job to make sure the recommended schedule is followed and the maintenance tasks are performed efficiently. Take note of the following points that will help you better take care of your machine.

Follow the schedule

Like all other huge machines, the sachet packing machine comes with a manufacturer’s manual. In this manual, the maintenance schedule is thoroughly discussed. Make sure you follow the maintenance schedule that is mentioned in this manual. The schedule has been carefully designed by the experts to prevent any minor or major problem during the life of the machine. It caters to quick maintenance actions like lubricating or cleaning, to major actions that require time and energy such as replacement of parts etc. preventive maintenance is very important to prevent any failure during operation. Follow the schedule mentioned in the manual for every domain of maintenance of machine. Go here  for more information about pill counter machine.

Get expert help

Even if you are well aware of the technicalities of the machine, it is advised that you get help from experts who are experienced in the maintenance of these machines. There are some easy maintenance actions that you can perform yourself, but for the ones that are complex, get help from professionals. This might cost you some extra for the moment, but in the long run, this will save you from a fortune that you’d otherwise spend on repairing the machine.

Be aware of the different parts

It is always suggested to go through the manufacturer’s manual. This will help you get to know about how the machine functions and what role different parts of the machine play. The parts are also categorized, based on how quickly they wear off. Take note of the parts that need replacement quicker than the others. Keep these parts filled in your stock to avoid delays when these parts need to be replaced. Keeping the parts in your stock saves you the time wasted waiting for shipment to arrive or any other delay.


This is a summary of all the maintenance activities. Make a plan when carrying out the maintenance activities and also keep a checklist to make sure you do not miss any task.