Occupational Safety 101 – How To Deal With Injuries

Workplace injuries sustained by employees are quite unfortunate events to take place in any wok environment. While being sympathetic about the worker or workers who have sustained injuries, the employer also needs to think about the most effective way to deal with the situation, in a way that it yields a favourable outcome to the injured party while causing minimum possible disruptions to the flow of work. Balancing both these aspects at the same time can be a tricky endeavour, but is a necessary evil to undergo, to fulfill your responsibility towards your employee as his employer while keeping things running smoothly in the workplace. Here are a few basic points for consideration that will help you deal with such situations better;

A Proper Protocol to Follow

Workplace injuries can occur at any given time with no prior warning at all. It could happen to any employee in any department, at any given time or place. In such unpredictable circumstances, having a basic emergency protocol in place will create more order and control. The meaning of this is not that there should be a written manual in the HR department with instructions that no one has ever read; every employee, during their induction or subsequent trainings, should be educated and made to understand the course of action to follow. This will allow any employee on site when another employee gets injured to do the needful until help arrives.

Encouraging your employees to take a first aid training program or an awareness program conducted by professionals from a company that provides corporate physiotherapy services can arm your employees with the knowledge to handle an emergency situation in the workplace.

Managing Medical Benefits and Programs Effectively

A properly implemented Medical Management process will allow the treatments and rehabilitation process to be monitored by the company at all times to ensure that the injured employee receives the best care possible and be able to return to his normal routine as soon as possible. Mobile physiotherapy is a relatively new approach that deals with the rehabilitation process on-site rather than from a remote hospital room or the employee’s home. This method has made it possible for workers to return to their workplace faster and be orientated back into their roles much easier.

Preventing Rather than Rehabilitating

It is always better to be proactive than reactive to possible emergency situations. This is exceptionally true when a person’s life is at stake as in the case of a workplace injury. Being concerned about the short-term costs involved with implementing occupational safety measures will prevent you from gaining from the long-term benefits of having a well-informed and sufficiently prepared workforce that is equipped and capable of handling emergencies. So be careful not to be short-sighted; be forward-thinking and take action today to prepare for tomorrow.

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