Potential Risks of Bladder Surgery as Suggested by Melbourne Specialists

Melbourne clinics are warning of potential risks when undergoing bladder surgery. Regardless of their issue, patients need to be aware of any possible side effects and know what to expect of their convalescence.

Bladder sling side effects

According to Melbourne urology experts, a bladder sling is a form of implant used to treat stress urinary incontinence. It is made of surgical mesh and is usually well tolerated by the body. A frequent issue that may appear is pain. Bladder injury is another common complication. It is also possible to experience vaginal bleeding. However, vagina related complications tend to be very rare. The tension-free vaginal tape sling is considered one of the best options, along with the mini sling and the transobturator tape. Furthermore, the mesh can cause trouble in the form of urologic and vaginal complications. These include difficulty urinating and a sense of urgency, plus the very common urinary tract infections (>60% frequency) and inflammation due to sling rejection. Go here to know more about sling surgery. 

Solutions to severe complications caused by sling

In bladder surgery Melbourne clinics, patients complaining of the said issues can benefit of revision surgery and the use of computed tomography for more precise investigation and intervention. Sling complications, including the symptoms caused by the vaginal incision, should first be allowed the time to heal naturally. Also, it is possible to attach the sling to a fixed instead of a mobile structure in case it’s been hindering tissue growth. When urethral erosion occurs, it can be managed by removing the sling completely and urethral defects can be closed over a catether, to be kept in place for 2 weeks.

Minimizing the risks

Patients who have undergone such surgery must obey the following rules – first of all, no heavy lifting for recovering patients for 1 to 3 months after the procedure. Also, they will be refraining from taking baths, from sexual activity and from swimming for up to 2 months.

Side effects of bladder cancer surger

An early bladder cancer is uncomplicated to treat. Bladder tumors removed through a transurethral resection, followed by laser and fulguration procedures, can generate mild and short lived side effects. These are: pain while urinating, incontinence, bleeding and lowered bladder capacity. In case the cancerous cells were not entirely removed, the condition may reoccur. The usual way to treat serious side effects is to have another intervention or repeat the procedure.

Essential steps to minimising side effects

Because prevention is always better than treating, patients and medical specialists can focus on taking the needed measures before any surgical procedure, in order to minimise the side effects. These include advanced computed investigations, bladder control techniques in case of incontinence, medication and more.

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